If you have my photo, it was taken in 1965 – I am the front singer. I have never picked a guitar up until last Christmas 2013.

I think the Strumming Lessons are BRILLIANT – the lessons are easy to follow and I really enjoy it when you go into your riffs.

Keep up the excellent work for us beginners.

Charles CoughlanUnited Kingdom

Colin, your persona on this DVD is that of a very serious teacher with a very good SENSE OF HUMOR. You are very direct with your ideas and very understandable with your directions ‘Practice Practice Practice’ BUT have fun doing so.

I am having a lot of fun. Your strum patterns are terrific and very helpful and as they say timing is everything but location helps a lot also. Your DVD is chock full of guitar info and is too much to talk about here, just let me say “Thank You” for giving me a very clear path to follow and well explained instructions to keep me moving forward.

And I will ‘Keep on Strummin’

Bob McAvoyLong Island, New York

The Essentials of Strumming and Rhythm Guitar was exactly what the doctor ordered. I will go over and over it again and again. I need to know this stuff like the back of my hand – At least that is my goal.

Great job Colin with the teaching!

Walt WarrenEdenton, North Carolina

Thank you Colin. I have picked up the guitar again after 40 years of “life got in the way”. I am 58 and my hands don’t always work as well as I would like but I will persevere.

I enjoy your method of teaching, it is more like sitting down with a friend that is willing to share than a teacher teaching. I like being able to replay the lesson as many times as it takes to get things right and not have the teacher get frustrated. You are clear, concise, and interject so many extras that it far exceeded my expectations for lessons.

Keep up the excellent work and many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

Edward CoffmanOhio

Thanks Colin. I really learned a lot from this and the previous lesson. I’ve never concentrated on strumming patterns before, so I am excited to get started practicing these patterns. Thanks again for the great lesson.

Bill Tucker

I have played guitar since college (I was 20). I bought an old harmony acoustic guitar and started learning chords. I never really knew much about music theory or anything, just what sounded good and was easiest to play. The guitar has both frustrated me and brought much satisfaction. Four years ago I made a commitment to learn how to play a guitar correctly and finally understand music the way I feel is what I was born to do.

I was 1 year into the learning process and again I felt frustrated then I got sick had to stop working. It took me a three years to heal. Three months ago I bought an Epiphone SG combo pack. I now had the time to develop my guitar skills. One month into to it I ordered Jonathan’s 1 4 5 course. It happened to be the class that turned the bulb on. I practiced for a month and ordered your course. I am no longer frustrated and I have finished the course today.

I must say that Jonathan turned the bulb on and your course flipped the switch – after 34 years I understand. I have morning and evening practice. I bought an Epiphone g-400 for my three month anniversary and tuned it down a tone super flat. I now understand what that means. Thanks guys you’re great. The color of the guitar is worn cherry just like yours soo cool.


Michael LavigneMississippi, USA

Hi Colin. I just want to say how much I’m enjoying playing and learning through these courses, I can really feel and hear myself progressing. I was kind of put off by the board lessons at first and I didn’t think about the info I would have been missing out on but obviously I feel stupid now! The board lessons have helped a lot with my understanding of the guitar and I just want to say thank you to Colin and everyone at the RiffNinja team who make this possible and I will definitely be buying more lessons from you guys in the near future. ????


Coolest progression so far. I almost feel like I am a player – running up and down the fret board!

I can almost hear the cheering crowds of adoring fans. I won’t forget you, Colin, when I am a star.

Randall Bachman

I have been playing for about 5 years on and off. I play everyday but I did not know what I was playing and why.

I was frustrated and almost gave up my passion which is playing the guitar, but thanks to watching your Riff Ninja video and the testimonial that you gave, it really made me buy the materials and give it a shot.

Within a full week the guitar started to make sense. Now I can figure out songs a lot faster and I know what key they are in and also the mode. My soloing is better but if I want to learn a riff it’s very simple now for me to find out what scale to use.

I recommend Colin’s lessons because they work 100%.

Thanks Riff Ninja – my journey just began.

Rene Jaimes

Rene JaimesWest Palm Beach, Florida

Hello Colin,

Although I have done several of your courses; I haven’t started on the Blues Rhythms & Riffs one yet. I am looking forward to getting stuck into it shortly.

Now retired, I spent a lot of time in 2016 on several of your other courses. I particularly enjoyed and benefited from the theory that you teach.

Thank you so much. I have now got to the stage where my playing is good enough to be really enjoyable – but I still have so much to learn.


Peter Dale

East Sussex, UK.

PS here’s a pic of me with my other (face-to-face) tutor…

Peter DaleRetiredSussex, UK

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