I wanted to say how much I have been enjoying the lessons. Thanks so much. I do have a lot to practice. I am a trial member and will join, as I have learned so much in such a small amount of time, due to the presentation of the information. Colin is fantastic. I am very impressed, and have renewed excitement for my guitar, so much, that I sat down all day, and watched the lessons and played along yesterday. I am not total beginner, but, have learned bits and pieces over about 10 years, and now I feel like I have direction.

Janine Benson

Colin this is a very good lesson. Take it from somebody who has struggled with chords for the last 3 years. I’m also a 60 year old man for those of you who think you might be too old to pick up guitar, learn and have fun with it. I was told by a couple of people when I first started venturing into chords that it is something that you just have to work out for yourself. I was stunned because I had no idea of where to even begin trying to learn to chords and transition into playing chord progressions. I have gotten better at chord playing because of my tenacity and desire to learn to play, but this lesson has added to my knowledge and I am confident that I can move on from here. Thanks for this Colin, you’re a good teacher.

Roderick Curry

Colin, I purchased my membership right at a year ago and I’ve never continued to practice consistent at all. I have so many guitar programs where I have spent thousands, now they are all collecting dust. Still after years I’m an advanced beginner.

Well! I never really used your program because I thought you talked to much in the lessons. LOL…

But I would look and skip around with the different programs I have and realized I was always coming back to your members site to find what I needed.

It’s amazing how good I would be if only I had stayed focused and followed your program for the last year.

Colin you are an amazing guitar player and watching you shows all the hard work you have sacrificed over many years. I find myself wanting to practice more everyday, because you inspire me so much.

Thank you so much, Alan

Alan Tarbell

I love the way Colin explains, shows and then you can play along with him. Also love the practice tracks he has???? I ordered the DVDs as I play guitar alone and used to play this type of call answer rhythm lead with my dad who was an awesome guitar player. Sadly he passed away 12-23-16 and I miss him and playing together. This course makes me feel good and able to pick up guitar after a year of not playing as too painful without my dad.

Tks Colin just starting DVD 2 today and love course so far ????????

Julia SchaeferInvestigatorEast Haddam , Ct

I haven’t gotten that far into your course yet, but the part about tuning the guitar was very good. You went into the depth of the subject more than any course I’ve seen in the past. Thanks for going the extra mile… Jerr 76yrs

Jerry NolanretireeCottage Grove MN

Colin’s courses give you the mechanics to relate scale theory to chord progressions, if you want to know how music works and how to improve your writing and playing. And to better understand other theory put out there, well give Colin a go, he has helped me.

Darren DaveyAustralia

I bought the Slide Guitar Essentials course. I am very pleased with the explanations and all the theory parts. It is so great to know the “why” we play what we do!

Thanks for all your hard work.

Patricia LewisEmporium, Pennsylvania

I’ve been muddling around the guitar for quite a number of years. I spent enough time muddling and self teaching that I developed some good chops, techniques, some loose theory and the ability to ‘mimic’ accurately.

While my playing may have sounded good, I wasn’t going where I wanted to be… a real guitarist/musician (even if not on a professional level). I have found no course of instruction, written or in person that puts the aspects of theory and application together the way that Colin has been able to do.

From the lessons in the Academy to the premium courses, like the kick butt Ultimate Blues Chords course, everything lesson has applicable value. I recommend RiffNinja.com to any person I know interested in picking up a guitar!

Franklin Edwards

I am very happy that I bought this study. Compared with other studies one of the good thing is the written materials – I am 69 years old – and started 1.5 year ago after a life with drums, so I do not have 20 years to progress – therefore I am very happy with these exercises. Blues never die!!


The Ultimate Blues course doesn’t just put the Blues together, but the whole fretboard and great theory together… all while focusing on Blues application. Just spectacular like all of Colin’s lessons! I always learn something new and useful. PICK UP the ULTIMATE BLUES COURSE!!

Franklin EdwardsRaymore, Missouri

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