The Ultimate Blues course! What can I say… I am only part way through and I understand musical theory to a small degree.

This course is truly informative. Colin knows what he is talking about and just as importantly he understands what it’s like to be a student so he speaks “our” language.

Buy this course with confidence and without doubt you will become a more accomplished and confident guitar player.

Thanks so very much Colin.

David WelchFinance Manager (would be guitar hero)Glasgow UK

Well I like the fact that you have taken time to think like a beginner… I was just that as of Jan 20,2016.

I am now a beginner with knowledge about guitar playing… can I play the guitar? No. Do I know chords? Yes, with just a little visual prompting.

I drew out the chord charts on a large piece of cardboard, and kept them in the relative major and minor groups. I took your advice and became creative in my approach.

My problem in this creative journey is muscle memory for the chord shapes… practice practice practice…

I like the fact that you have gone into the exact chords as in Sweet Home Alabama.

Colin I am totally happy with this course… oh what does one do about the left hand calluses? I look forward to the day that I am ready to play blues music. I am also fulfilling a 40 year want – to play guitar, sooo wish I had done this earlier in my life.

Thank you for your time and keep ROCKIN!

Lowell Evan SmithFabricator / InstallerSan Diego Ca

I took lessons in the early 90’s for four years from a very good instructor who taught a lot of theory, music reading, rhythm and improvisation. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I put the guitar down and didn’t pick it up again until this year.

Your instruction was entertaining, fun and a basic review of things I use to know. Now that I have retired I am keen to master this beautiful instrument. I like your style and will likely pick up another course from you. It was surprising easy to learn LaBamba!!!

Lynne RyckmanWinnipeg, Manitoba

Hello Colin,

What a difference with this strumming course! I still have a way to go. For the first time I feel like I sound good.

Your slow guidance is so helpful. I have never had any musical contact, so it is a new learning experience. Thank You.

Roland WrightCamp Verde, Arizona

You opened my eyes a bit more to the “big picture” when it comes to fitting all I have watched and tried together to make more sense. Thanks!

Jack GreeningWendover, Nevada

I have played guitar since college (I was 20). I bought an old harmony acoustic guitar and started learning chords. I never really knew much about music theory or anything, just what sounded good and was easiest to play. The guitar has both frustrated me and brought much satisfaction. Four years ago I made a commitment to learn how to play a guitar correctly and finally understand music the way I feel is what I was born to do.

I was 1 year into the learning process and again I felt frustrated then I got sick had to stop working. It took me a three years to heal. Three months ago I bought an Epiphone SG combo pack. I now had the time to develop my guitar skills. One month into to it I ordered Jonathan’s 1 4 5 course. It happened to be the class that turned the bulb on. I practiced for a month and ordered your course. I am no longer frustrated and I have finished the course today.

I must say that Jonathan turned the bulb on and your course flipped the switch – after 34 years I understand. I have morning and evening practice. I bought an Epiphone g-400 for my three month anniversary and tuned it down a tone super flat. I now understand what that means. Thanks guys you’re great. The color of the guitar is worn cherry just like yours soo cool.


Michael LavigneMississippi, USA

Comprehensive, but not a course you can finish in a few days. This one takes time to work through & digest. So far so good, I believe I am improving!!


Hey Colin, Sixty seven year old new member; been playing on and off for three decades; still pretty ordinary but I just love strumming or plucking out a tune. I really like the way the screen is split into three sections on your videos as it lets everyone see exactly what’s going on. Best regards, Jim

Jim Ferguson

I thought this was a really great lesson. Yes the pace is fast, but the beauty of this medium is that everything can be replayed. That is what make this course so effective and such great value. My thanks to both of you – I am learning loads.

Peter Dale

Wow – this has to be one of the best online lessons i have ever come across. Thank you.

I am a huge Stevie Ray Vaughan fan but as a relative beginner/immediate thought it was out of reach for me. I think I will need to watch this several times and find some way to slow down the playback to half speed 🙂 to get it all.

Michael RaybouldWest Midlands, Great Britain

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