Counting and explaining the rhythms is super helpful. I really like how you lay out several examples of how various chord progressions are used in various styles of music.

Dean Casey

Colin, that was one of the best lessons I have watched and I have watched thousands on all the guitar sites on youtube. I am so glad I joined the Academy. The repetition and explanation of what to do and why really worked for me. Thank you so much.

Patrick O'Toole

I took lessons in the early 90’s for four years from a very good instructor who taught a lot of theory, music reading, rhythm and improvisation. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I put the guitar down and didn’t pick it up again until this year.

Your instruction was entertaining, fun and a basic review of things I use to know. Now that I have retired I am keen to master this beautiful instrument. I like your style and will likely pick up another course from you. It was surprising easy to learn LaBamba!!!

Lynne RyckmanWinnipeg, Manitoba

Have watched the 1st DVD twice now, and will watch again (and again?).

The charts to write names of notes per string/fret is a great tool, once all that great background info was provided! (I had a guitar teacher hand me one years ago, and tell me to fill it out every day, but left out much of the necessary background to make it a useful learning tool! 😀 ) Have started to grasp things I wish had been explained properly YEARS ago!

While it would be tempting for any beginner/developing guitar player to just want to start getting their hands on the instrument and “making noise,” this background stuff is SO valuable!

Looking forward to learning MUCH MORE and actually understanding what and why and how things are done, vs. the OLD way of just trying to memorize stuff without any context to put it in.

Heidi Hoffer

Honestly, the material you present is excellent. However, I was looking forward to jamming at a local pub blues jam with my new knowledge, and found myself falling back to my basic open chords and strumming habits. My acoustic is much harder to play bar chords than my electric, which didn’t help. I was less happy with the blues scales course, as I watch you demonstrate miracle solos, but teach only diatonic and pentatonic scales. I am getting pretty good at 1, 2,and 3 position scale patterns, but still have no understanding how to make that into a solo riff. My theory has come a long way, but my technique still needs the help of a real live teacher.

Tim Allix

Wow – this has to be one of the best online lessons i have ever come across. Thank you.

I am a huge Stevie Ray Vaughan fan but as a relative beginner/immediate thought it was out of reach for me. I think I will need to watch this several times and find some way to slow down the playback to half speed 🙂 to get it all.

Michael RaybouldWest Midlands, Great Britain

I have reviewed the materials and I am returning to study more in detail. I understand most of what is presented, now I want to begin practicing. I would suggest that each of the 20 different strums be played as a jam session for students to play along with. I believe this course will help me become a much better player.

Merle LawterLas Vegas, Nevada

Hello Colin: I have been very busy moving to Las Vegas (UNLV). Currently I am practicing Rhythm & Riffs along side of Ultimate Blues courses. The reason I am doing this at this time is that the first lessons in each course is that they both cover TIMING. I am working hard on your timing lessons, as they are all important. I play along with you and apply your all of your techniques.

Your lessons are easy to follow and are clearly explained. And thanks to your teaching, I have seen marked improvement.

Continue doing what you are doing and I will follow. As I go along, I will keep you updated on my progress.

Thanks. Harold

HaroldESL English ProfessorLos Angeles, Ca

Thanks so much for this lesson. I really like the way you teach, and the feedback from other students are helpful as well. Thanks to students as well. I love how scales are played and sound. Love this lesson.

Ann Jones

Very detailed for beginners which I really like. Colin makes it easy to follow but you’ll have to really put work into it… no instant pudding here. Lots to study.

ArrayPeoria, Arizona

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