I’d got to that stage where I could play the open chords okay, had a bit of rhythm and had been mucking around with the pentatonic minor scale and getting better on barre chords. But the truth is I’d been all over the place on U tube looking for a bit of theory and bamboozled by so many scale courses. I really needed to focus on one thing so I checked out all the big internet teachers sites and free u tubes before honing in on Riff Ninja. To be honest the name had put me off a little but when I read about their scales course it kind of rang a bell with me.

Having bought the scales course I can tell you I am absolutely thrilled with it. Colin’s teaching style is relaxed, gentle and very clear and thorough. He doesn’t assume anything about you but just allows you to focus on the core scales as the building blocks for wherever else you may go.

These core scales I have been pleased to discover will be enough for me to go as far as I want with the guitar.

I’ve never written a recommendation before but compelled to now. Professional site, service and a huge discovery for me is Colin Daniel who for me is the best internet teacher I have seen.

Great work, thanks and kudos to the Riff Ninja team. Have bought the strumming course now and no doubt the blues riffs shortly!

ChrisMelbourne, Australia

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