John O’Connor

Recently, someone asked me how long I had been playing guitar. They, thinking I was fairly accomplished, meant this in a complimentary way, I know. But as the words “25 years” crossed my lips, in my heart of hearts I was embarrassed. I knew that my singing ability was masking the simple fact that I had stagnated long ago in my guitar playing. So when I heard about Colin Daniel’s “Ultimate Blues Course,” I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to start making some progress again. 

Now, 75% through the course, I can say that I have not been disappointed. I am challenged and enlightened by the course material. I feel like I’m climbing the musical mountain again and that Colin is my personal sherpa in the process. Even some of his throw-away lines are helping me! Sounds crazy, but changing to a heavier pick has been golden. Great course. Great teacher. Thanks!

John O'ConnorDes Moines, Iowa

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