Lowell Evan Smith

Well I like the fact that you have taken time to think like a beginner… I was just that as of Jan 20,2016.

I am now a beginner with knowledge about guitar playing… can I play the guitar? No. Do I know chords? Yes, with just a little visual prompting.

I drew out the chord charts on a large piece of cardboard, and kept them in the relative major and minor groups. I took your advice and became creative in my approach.

My problem in this creative journey is muscle memory for the chord shapes… practice practice practice…

I like the fact that you have gone into the exact chords as in Sweet Home Alabama.

Colin I am totally happy with this course… oh what does one do about the left hand calluses? I look forward to the day that I am ready to play blues music. I am also fulfilling a 40 year want – to play guitar, sooo wish I had done this earlier in my life.

Thank you for your time and keep ROCKIN!

Lowell Evan SmithFabricator / InstallerSan Diego Ca

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